One of my first jobs in comics was to revamp the Starship Troopers franchise for Mongoose Publishing, taking elements from the book, the film and the Roughnecks CGI series and creating a new platoon of soldiers to fight the bugs.

Originally three books, Blaze Of Glory, Dead Man’s Hand and Damaged Justice, this altered when Markosia Publishing gained the license to split each of these into four issues, collecting each one back at the end. In doing so I was able to add more to the stories, throwing in a few twists as I did so.

I’m massively proud of these and still think that they’re among my finest work. To properly enjoy them though, you need to read all three books, as it’s all one great big epic tale of one man’s rise, fall and rise again.

There was a short lived ongoing that followed this, and I returned to tell one last tale of Will Tanner and his Tigers, issues #1 – #4.

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