And then we had the Eleventh Doctor’s run; 12 issues and two Annuals, where I managed to have a 20 foot high cybernetic Dinosaur named Kevin become a companion, if only for an issue. I also had the Doctor face off against Jack the Ripper, having a penalty shoot out to the death against Viking raiders, swap bodies with Amy, escape from Alcatraz Prison and find himself surrounded by eleven other versions of himself…

In 2013 I was invited back for one last four-parter, Dead Man’s Hand, where I was able to link my final ever story for IDW’s run with my first ever story, way back in The Forgotten, and my Eleventh run was collected in a deluxe hardback bookAnd in 2015 / 2016, Titan Books released all the IDW 11th Doctor stories into three ‘Archive’ omnibus editions, of which I’m in volumes 1 and 3…

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