When I first started working for IDW, I wrote The Forgotten, a six part series that had the Tenth Doctor remember his previous incarnations in nine short stories, each one helping him fight a villain attacking his current self. Full of twists and turns, it was a critical success, and meant that I was invited back to write a one shot, The Time Machination, and then become the writer of the ongoing series, that lasted 16 issues before it was rebooted for the Eleventh Doctor…

In 2013, both my The Forgotten miniseries and my collected run were re-released as Hardback Editions. And in 2015 / 2016, Titan Books released all my 10th Doctor stories into three ‘Archive’ omnibus editions.

And of course, where it all started, the collected ‘F.A.Q’ from Doctor Who Magazine…

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forgotten05 forgotten06 forgottentpb dwTM
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