Film: Currently I’m adapting Hope Falls into a screenplay for Future Films, and writing several other treatments for other studios.

A few years ago I wrote a story for Mark Corden, called ‘The Shoot’, which was made one weekend in February for a budget of around £500. It’s available here on Vimeo.


The Shoot from Tony Lee on Vimeo.

TV:  In February we announced that Danger Academy is being developed into a cartoon series for a U.S Network. In addition to that, one of our other books has interest from at least three other networks. In addition to that, I’m currently working on three different TV pitches for a variety of audiences.

Audio:  I’ve done four stories for Big Finish in the last couple of years –  Rat Trap, A Fifth Doctor Doctor Who story,  Private Enemy No. 1 and Vesuvius Falling,  two adventures for Bernice Summerfield and The Ghosts of Christmas Past, a ‘Christmas Special’ for The Confessions of Dorian Gray, featuring guest star Sherlock Holmes. I enjoy audio adventures a lot, and I believe that the upcoming Vesuvius Falling story, part of the ‘LegionBernice Summerfield Box set is possibly the best thing I’ve done in this medium.