Robin Hood: 2058, a futuristic take on Robin Hood, in production with the Hollywood Gang (300, The Departed), with Hasraf Dulull attached to direct.

Dead Man’s Hand, produced by Parkgate Entertainment, cast to be announced.

The Thirty Nine Steps, a modern day adaptation of John Buchan’s classic novel, produced by Damage Cat Productions.

Cartel, produced by Impact Entertainment with Craig Fairbrass attached to star.

With BoxFly Pictures, I have a slate of films in development:

In The Ring, with Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian attached to star.

Hope Falls, adapted from my Graphic Novel, currently writing the screenplay.

Stoker’s Monster: Before Dracula, a Historical thriller inspired by actual events.

Also Known As, the film that my Graphic Novel is an adaptation of.

There are also several others that I can’t speak about yet…

A few years ago I wrote a story for Mark Corden, called ‘The Shoot’, which was made one weekend in February for a budget of around £500. It’s available here on Vimeo.


The Shoot from Tony Lee on Vimeo.

TV:  Danger Academy is being developed into a live action series for a U.S Network. I’m also working on several other yet – unannounced U.S series. More news as they come.

In the UK I’m working on several other projects – and more on these when I can talk about them.

Audio:  I’ve done four stories for Big Finish –  Rat Trap, A Fifth Doctor Doctor Who story,  Private Enemy No. 1 and Vesuvius Falling,  two adventures for Bernice Summerfield and The Ghosts of Christmas Past, a ‘Christmas Special’ for The Confessions of Dorian Gray, featuring guest star Sherlock Holmes. I enjoy audio adventures a lot, and I believe that Vesuvius Falling story, part of the ‘LegionBernice Summerfield Box set is possibly the best thing I’ve done in this medium.

In addition I’ve signed contracts to develop two original series for Audible – expect news on these in early 2017!