From Anthony Horowitz to G.P Taylor, from Seth Grahame-Smith to Heather Brewer, one of the things I am best known for is book adaptations.

For Markosia / Tyndale Publishing I’ve adapted G.P Taylor’s Shadowmancer, as well as working with him to adapt chunks of his Doppleganger Chronicles books. For Walker Books I’ve adapted Anthony Horowitz’s ‘Power of Five‘ series, while at Hachette I’ve adapted four of his short Horowitz Horror tales.

For Penguin I’m adapting Heather Brewer’s bestselling Vladimir Tod series, I adapted and expanded upon Amanda Hocking’s Hollowlands novel as a ten-part comic series for Dynamite Entertainment and of course my #1 New York Times Bestselling list spot was for my adaptation for Random House of Seth Grahame-Smith’s Pride & Prejudice & Zombies.

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