Image (2)Back in 2007, I was invited by IDW to write a six part series for Doctor Who called The Forgotten. To date it has remained my most bought and most printed book, with the paperback trade moving into multiple printings.

Well this month, it’s returning. Twice. The latter of these is at the end of the month when it’s released as a limited edition hardcover, with a brand new cover design and a whole new piece by yours truly on how it was created, but the former of these two re releases is something slightly different.

This week IDW release the first of the ‘Omnibus’ range aimed at the new and continuing adventures of the Tenth Doctor. And it’s serious value for money,with the collected editions of three previous Doctor Who trades within – Agent┬áProvocateur, written by Gary Russell, Through Time And Space,with stories by Leah and John Reppion, John Ostrander, Rich Johnston, Charlie Kirchoff, Rich Starkings / Gary Russell and my one shot The Time Machination all within, and ending with all six issues of The Forgotten.

It’s incredible value for money, and with luck will lead to a second omnibus that’ll collect my 16 issues of Tenth Doctor adventures and the Tenth Doctor annual at a later date. Personally, it’s nice to see someone like IDW remembering the love that so many fans have for the Tennant era.