Image (1)Over the few years I’ve done a few talks and workshops around the world, mainly on writing for comics, in places like Bucks University, the SFX Weekender, FantasyCon, Manipal University in India, The London Screenwriter’s Festival, Edinburgh International Book Festival… the list goes on. And in 2013 I’m happy to say I’ll be continuing this trend as on Saturday March 2nd I’ll be running a one day workshop in London on an Introduction to Comic Book and Graphic Novel Scriptwriting on behalf of the Raindance Film Festival.

I’ve seen a few of the ‘I can teach you to do this in a weekend’ style of screenwriting courses over the years, and people are well aware on who I class as good at this and who I class as scams, so when I was asked to put together something, I wanted to make sure that anyone who attended didn’t just get a ‘how you should tell a story‘ type talk, they should get the nuts and bolts of scripting.

I’m quite aware that I’m not the best comic scripter in the world, but having made my living at it over the last decade, I think I’m good enough to show how I work, and not only how my process makes me a better comic writer than I was, but also how it’s affected my ability to write screenplays for the better.

Over the course I’ll be working through the basics of telling a story, from the elevator pitch through to the type of comic you want to write, how to work from a scene into a story. the importance of characters, hindsight and Chekov’s mantelpiece, the nuts and bolts of creating the script, how the dialogue can trip you up, all the way to working with a creative team, networking and marketing yourself, as well as many, many more things shown on the event page itself. By the end of the day you should have enough working knowledge in comics to be able to hit the ground running, or at worst see inside yourself a change in your screenplay strategies.

It should be fun for you. I know it’ll be terrifying for me.

For more information on the talk, go to the page on the Raindance site.