In two weeks I’m a guest at Gallifrey One: 28 Years Later, the biggest and best Doctor Who convention in the US. And today my panels and meetings etc were announced. (note: signings haven’t been confirmed yet, I believe.) So, if you want to find me over the weekend…

Friday 17th Feb:

12.45pm – Guest Starring on New Doctor Who (Program A)
Guests: Ryan Carnes, Simon Fisher-Becker, Tony Lee, Catrin Stewart, Michael Troughton, Jimmy Vee, Danny Webb

2pm – Licensed: Comics in Someone Else’s Universe (Program C)
Guests: Nick Abadzis, Christopher Jones, Tony Lee, Robert Napton, Todd Nauck, Richard Starkings, Rachael Stott, Chris Thompson, JK Woodward

4pm – Doctor Who Deathmatch (Program C)
Guests: Paul Cornell, Tony Lee, John Peel, Joseph Scrimshaw, Rachael Stott  – Panelists: Kyle Anderson, Abie Ekenezar, Edward Green, Derek Martz

Evening – I have a surprise appearance somewhere… but where could it be…

Saturday 18th Feb:

11am – They Ended on a Cliffhanger?!? (Program E)
Guests: Richard Dinnick, Tony Lee, Steve Roberts – Panelists: Derek McCaw, Ross Ruediger

2pm – Doctor Who Crossover: Villains Edition (Program D)
Guests: David Howe, Tony Lee, Robert Napton, David Tipton – Panelists: Lauren Gallo, Angus MacBagpipe

4pm – Nerdist Comics Panel Podcast Show (live recording for (Program C)
Guests: Julie Benson, Shawna Benson, Paul Cornell, Tony Lee – Panelists: Ben Blacker, Heath Corson

8.30pm – The Masquerade of Mandragora 2017 (Program A)
Master of Ceremonies: Tony Lee

Sunday 19th Feb:

12pm – Kaffeeklatsch: Tony Lee (Kaffeeklatsch Room)
Guests: Tony Lee

2pm – Celebrating the Women Creators (Program D)
Guests: Nick Abadzis, Scott Handcock, Tony Lee, Rachael Stott – Panelists: Alyssa Franke, Katrina Griffiths