Last week was the San Diego Comic Con, and for the first time in three years I was back. Which felt weird, as I also haven’t been writing many comics in that time either.

But SDCC was the launch of Also Known As, the graphic novel adaptation of a screenplay currently in development with BoxFly Pictures, and it was also the first time I’d seen it in print. And guys? It looks incredible. Signings were slow however, as the convention is so big now, and so many things were happening, but I still found myself signing Doctor Who comics for people who’d also made the trek to find me.
And it was a trek, as most of this week I wasn’t on site at the convention; as most people now do, I was taking my meetings in other hotels, including the Marriott Pool Bar, the Omni and the Hilton Bayfront. Some big news is coming from these too, as one of my old books is about to get new life in a live action setting.
The weekend also blew up for me the moment Bleeding Cool announced I was writing a filmcalled Flight 342, and that I was seen meeting with wrestlers, sorting out the cast for the wrestling movie In The Ring. They didn’t pick up the biggest news of the con, but that’s for another time.
I also picked up a ton of creatures on Pokemon Go, and am now Level 15. Come on, that’s all you cared about, right?
Now I’m back at the desk and getting back to the grind. Expect more posts from this page, as I’m back on track!