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I’m The One That’s Cool…

Picture the scene. A boy, early teens is being dangled head first out of his school’s first floor window. For my American friends, that’s second floor window. Twenty feet above the paving stones, the only thing keeping him alive is the weight of the bully on his ankles. The same bully that’s doing this until the boy cries out that [&hellip

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‘What No Man Has Signed Before…’

So I’ve done a few signings over the years, but I have to say that not one of them has equaled the shock and awe of yesterdays Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who signing at Forbidden Planet, London. As a fan of both franchises I could see the attraction – I just never realised how big the book was [&hellip

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I Won An Award, Mum…

So on Friday night, in what is being rumored as the last ever Eagle Awards (definitely the last at the MCM Expo), commonly known as the BAFTAS of the Comics world I was left speechless and thrown totally off balance when Doctor Who #12 won the Eagle Award for ‘Favourite Single Story‘. I’ve been nominated for countless Eagles over the [&hellip

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MCM Ahoy…

So tomorrow I’ll be avoiding this lovely sunny weather we’re expecting in London, and instead spend whole days in effectively an air conditioned airplane hanger, sitting behind a table, signing comics at the London MCM Expo. Well, I say that, but as I’m making the times and schedules for my time at the table up as I go along, you [&hellip

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The Life And Death Of A Notebook…

One of the things about being a writer is that often, an idea will come into your head at the strangest time. And unless you write it down there and then, the chances are you’ll forget it. Yes, that’s right – that genius idea you just had? Gone forever. Man, that sucks. So many writers have something to write on, [&hellip

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