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Hope Falls… The Movie…

It’s been an interesting week. On Tuesday I had a meeting with Dan in London. On Wednesday Bleeding Cool announced that Dan and I had signed a deal with Future Films to produce Hope Falls, our Markosia book from 2008, which had an ‘Ultimate’ edition this year. We didn’t say anything, we refused to comment because a) we hadn’t signed anything and b) we had no [&hellip

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DODGE & TWIST: A (Kindle) Sequel To OLIVER TWIST – Now Available…

Over the years, I’ve written a lot of things, from comics to audio plays, to TV sketches to newspaper journalsim – I’ve even written the ‘I never thought it would happen to me’ letters in gentlemens magazines for a paycheque, it’s the curse of the freelance writer. However, over those years I never published a novel. Sure, I wrote a few in [&hellip

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