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The Crossover That Never Was…

So with ATOP THE FOURTH WALL revisiting the Star Trek: TNG / Doctor Who crossover, I’ve had a sudden surge of activity on my Twitter and my Facebook page, asking things like ‘why did you only do four episodes’, ‘why didn’t you use DS9’ and ‘What about Clara?’ Well, the fact of the matter is that by the time I [&hellip

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The Year That Was… And What Will Be…

So. 2012 is finally ending, and the newborn 2013 is already starting to make it’s way around the world as I write this, my summary of the year. A year where I began at my lowest ebb and slowly clawed my way back up. Well, that might be a little melodramatic – after all, I wasn’t ending the year at the [&hellip

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Star Trek / Doctor Who: New York Times Bestseller…

So my editor Denton sent me a message this week that said that the first collected trade of Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who – Assimilation² has entered the New York Times Bestseller List at number #2. And, if it does well in its second week, it could go all the way to the top. Which is brilliant, [&hellip

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‘What No Man Has Signed Before…’

So I’ve done a few signings over the years, but I have to say that not one of them has equaled the shock and awe of yesterdays Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who signing at Forbidden Planet, London. As a fan of both franchises I could see the attraction – I just never realised how big the book was [&hellip

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To Boldly Go… Into The Time Vortex…

Well, not exactly, as I’m not the writer of this series, as I stated many times. I’m part of the writing team, but the writers are actually Star Trek scribes Scott and David Tipton (no relation to editor Denton Tipton), while I’ve been brought in as a kind of editorial consultant to work with them on the plot, dialogue and characters, primarily on the Doctor’s [&hellip

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