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Stoker’s Monster Lives…

So this went out today. FILM OPTION DEAL FOR TONY LEE AND STOKER GREAT-GRAND NEPHEW DACRE STOKER, FOR HORROR SCREENPLAY BASED ON BRAM STOKER’S CREATION OF DRACULA. 16th October 2015: BoxFly Pictures have optioned Stoker’s Monster: Before Dracula, an original screenplay written by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Tony Lee, based on a story co-created with Bram Stoker’s Great Grand Nephew, Dacre [&hellip

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52 Pickup – The Movie…

Over a decade ago, back in early 2004 in fact, I had an idea for a six issue mini series. Entitled 52 Pickup, it was a ‘Battle Royale’ of Super villains, all fighting each other in a ‘last man standing’ fight for an item of unimaginable power. I spoke with Mark Paniccia at Marvel about it, but nothing ever happened. [&hellip

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Dodge & Twist & Movies

So again, the news that Dodge & Twist is once more returning to the screen has hit the internet, and once more I’m getting people emailing me about this. I spoke about this in 2011 when it was first announced, and I spoke about it two years back when Cole Haddon was announced as having written a new draft, but [&hellip

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UPDATE: The Mild Bunch

So a while back, I spoke about how I’d started to write a screenplay called The Mild Bunch after a conversation with Frazer Hines. But when the producers we had on board took eighteen months and got nowhere, it was placed back in turnaround in May. That’s when a new producer, Damage Cat Productions came on board. Since then it’s [&hellip

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Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck…

I just realised that I never posted (as when it was announced I was in San Diego)  that later this year, I have a four part Battlestar Galactica series coming out from Dynamite Entertainment, following the original Starbuck (as in Dirk Benedict) from five yahrens (years) old all the way up to two yahrens before the battle of Cimtar that [&hellip

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Comic Palooza…

So this week it was announced that I’m a guest at the Texas International Comic Con or ‘ComicPalooza’ in Houston this May – and more importantly, my wife Tracy is also a guest due to her Dracula connections. Which is awesome as it’s her first US appearance and I get to be a ‘co-guest’ with her. So if you happen to [&hellip

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I’m The One That’s Cool…

Picture the scene. A boy, early teens is being dangled head first out of his school’s first floor window. For my American friends, that’s second floor window. Twenty feet above the paving stones, the only thing keeping him alive is the weight of the bully on his ankles. The same bully that’s doing this until the boy cries out that [&hellip

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