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UPDATE: The Mild Bunch

So a while back, I spoke about how I’d started to write a screenplay called The Mild Bunch after a conversation with Frazer Hines. But when the producers we had on board took eighteen months and got nowhere, it was placed back in turnaround in May. That’s when a new producer, Damage Cat Productions came on board. Since then it’s [&hellip

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How A Salesman Can Help You Pitch…

So in a couple of weeks I’m returning to Raindance to run my one day seminar on Writing for Graphic Novels and Screenplays, and part of my seminar is about networking, and more importantly what not to do. They’re rules I’ve used all my career, and now I’m moving into film and TV, I’m finding that they’re even more vital for a screenwriter. [&hellip

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Vladimir Tod Returns…

A few years ago, I adapted the Heather Brewer Vladimir Tod books into Graphic Novels for Penguin Teen, and then, as is the way with writers, I sat back and waited for a while. Years, in fact, as I realised this week that I started the first adaptation, Eighth Grade Bites, exactly three years ago this month. That came out [&hellip

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Houston, We Have A Convention…

Last week I was at Houston’s ComicPalooza Con, or rather the ‘Texas International Comic Con’, and it had possibly one of the most awesome beginnings that I’ve ever had at a convention, and possibly may corrupt any idea in my wife Tracy’s mind on what to expect in the future on one of these trips, as on the Thursday before the convention, I [&hellip

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Messenger: The Legend Continues…

So a few years ago, Sam Hart and I wrote a book for Walker Books called Outlaw: The Legend of Robin Hood, a retelling of the classic tale for a modern audience. A couple of years later we were asked to write another, this time about King Arthur, and Excalibur: The Legend of King Arthur came out. After that, we [&hellip

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The Jigsaw Lady Comes…

As many of you know, for the last few years I’ve been doing a lot of work with reluctant readers in schools around the world, and it’s become quite a passion of mine. Which was why I was honoured and overjoyed  last year when Danny Pearson of Badger Learning, a division of the Haven Book Group asked me if I’d [&hellip

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Vampires vs People of ‘Faith’…

So today I was at a school in Hertfordshire and, with a Year 9 class of children, we did a workshop on normal characters in fantastical situations, allowing the students to make the decisions based on what they’d *really* do in a particular setting. The setting in this case was Vampires attacking their school, with the class the only people [&hellip

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