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52 Pickup – The Movie…

Over a decade ago, back in early 2004 in fact, I had an idea for a six issue mini series. Entitled 52 Pickup, it was a ‘Battle Royale’ of Super villains, all fighting each other in a ‘last man standing’ fight for an item of unimaginable power. I spoke with Mark Paniccia at Marvel about it, but nothing ever happened. [&hellip

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Gallifrey One – Where You’ll Find Me…

This weekend is the Gallifrey One Convention in Los Angeles, and again, I’m honoured to have been invited as a guest. I’ll be on a few panels and suchlike over the weekend, interviewing Eve Myles on stage and things like that – here are the places I’ll be over the weekend

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Dodge & Twist & Movies

So again, the news that Dodge & Twist is once more returning to the screen has hit the internet, and once more I’m getting people emailing me about this. I spoke about this in 2011 when it was first announced, and I spoke about it two years back when Cole Haddon was announced as having written a new draft, but [&hellip

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That Was The Year That Was…

So the year draws to a close, and with it a roller-coaster ride of a career path, which has slowly made the transition from comics to film and television, while also moving me into the world of reluctant reader novels. I’ve made some new, amazing friends, reconnected with old ones and I’ve lost people along the way, but at the end [&hellip

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Schools – a World Book Day Warning…

As pretty much most of you know, I spend a lot of time doing School Talks,  going to students around the world with my ‘Change The Channel’ talk, aimed at getting reluctant readers to get back into books, whatever type of book it is. It’s popular, it’s linked to above on the SCHOOL TALK and WORKSHOPS buttons, and most importantly [&hellip

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Ready To Rumble…

I’ve loved Wrestling all of my life. From a young child I grew up on Saturday lunchtime Wrestling on ITV, watching sports legend Dickie Davies call matches involving such British luminaries as Big Daddy or Giant Haystacks, enjoying the pantomime and pageantry that Wrestling gave me. I knew it wasn’t ‘real’, but at the same time I knew that these guys [&hellip

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Paralysed, Petrified, Pudsey (2014 Version)…

The one down side of being in New York for over a week is that I return to find that in two days, the 14th of November is Children In Need night. And anyone who knows me well will know my absolute, total and utter unconditional love for BBC’s Children In Need. Over the last few years I’ve raised thousands of pounds for it, donating my signed personal [&hellip

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